A vintage yellow Fiat. Photo by Mark Neal from Pexels.

Cerence Inc.

December 2017 - April 2020


Fiat Chrystler Automobiles - R1

During the R1 project, I helped turn a rigid sales demo into a production ready system. This was a huge undertaking that included adding almost all unhappy paths, removing a tight coupling with a pure demo UI, reworking paths that relied on an experienced guide being in the car, and expanding the navigation capabilities from a tiny slice of the US to a system that supported dozens of countries.

I also took the Wake-Up-Word feature from being a frequent target of customer complaints, to something that was regularly highlighted as a great part of using the system.

During this project, I also mentored two new developers, and one developer who was new to the project.

General Motors

While on the GM project for model years 20 and 21 I helped burn down a backlog of hundreds of tickets to under ten, in time for the start of production milestone.

I also ported a tool into the project that allowed us to mock results from the speech processor. This dramatically increased our ability to reproduce customer bugs, as we could force a known result instead of relying on the extremely variable speech recognizer.

During this project, I also mentored a new developer.

An airplane in flight. Photo by Isabella Mendes from Pexel

AZUR Group

September 2015 – December 2017


Business Intelligence Team

I was the lead developer on a small Business Intelligence team, working on modernizing the reports for a call center. We performed a full analysis of the existing infrastructure and reports, and then created a data warehouse and OLAP cube using the Microsoft BI stack.

IATA - International Air Transport Association

While working on a fund transfer and management system for IATA, I analysed existing manual workflows and automated them. I also added additional customization options to take advantage of the new automation.

Internal - Salesforce Timesheet

While at AZUR, I worked with an internal product owner to develop a timesheet system using Salesforce. We worked to ensure that this system was both user friendly and compliant with local labor laws.

EFS - Treasury Management and Cashflow Forecasting

A long running internal project, my first job at AZUR was automating the front end testing of this system using Selenium.

Later in my time at AZUR, I helped add new automated workflows and reports. I also helped fix bugs, and ensure that the back-end had acceptable test coverage before the system was presented to potential customers.

A turned on, half-open laptop in the dark. Photo by Junior Teixeira from Pexels.


Summers of '12 & '13

Synaptics - Summer 2013 - Rochester, NY

In the summer of 2013, I interned at Synaptics for the second time. I worked with the Digital Design Team to automate testing for a specific set of digital glitches: those where signals were changing while the clock was in a steady state rather than at the rising or falling edge.

Synaptics - Summer 2012 - San Jose, CA

In the summer of 2012, I interned at Synaptics for the first time. I worked with the Senior Director of Exploratory Research on a proof of concept that combined an eye-tracker and a force measuring touch pad.

Once the demo was deemed to be complete by my manager, I designed and conducted a usability survey and presented the result to C-suite management.